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Scott McGregor


Scott McGregor is a Canadian writer based in Calgary. He graduated from Mount Royal University with degrees in English (Hons) and Sociology with a background in Creative Writing. His honours project "Dialectical Materialism & Science Fiction: Prefiguring the Next Stage of Capitalism" explored Marxism in literature as a means to predict the future.

Scott is the author of over 100 short stories. His fiction has appeared in various anthologies by Hellbound Books, Oddity Prodigy Productions, Crystal Lake Publishing, Eerie River Publishing, DBND Publishing, Bag of Bones Press, and many others. In 2022, he released his debut novella "Mr. Hangman" under Black Hare Press, which is a homage to detective thrillers.

Currently, Scott is the Chief Editor for January Embers Press and curating the "Writer's Retreat: Tales of Writing and Madness" anthology alongside Harriett Everend Caffeine, board games, and movies are some of his several addictions. Sarcastically appealing and unapologetic, Scott is either drinking tea or sassing the ones he deems friends in the off time he isn’t living and breathing stories. You can find him on Instagram @mcgregorsays.

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New Releases

Emuki. Abominable, edited by Parth Sarathi Chakraborty, Wicked Shadow Press, 2022.

The Remnants of Hariti. Kids Are Hell, edited by Theresa Matthews, Hellbound Books Publishing, 2022.

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