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Mr. Hangman

Mr. Hangman.jpg

M A _ E _ A C T _ R

A serial killer is on the loose. Again.

Fifteen years after Mr. Hangman last wreaked revenge on the perpetrators of Stampton, bodies have started to show up bearing the same modus operandi as before. Previously, Natasha Chapman was accused of filicide following the death of her twin babies; Mathew Deutsch, an alleged rapist; James Ollam, a potential pedophile. All were victims of the Mr. Hangman of old.

When another body—Steven Roth, a man in his 60s with a squeaky-clean record—turns up neatly dismembered on his own dining table, Detective Kimberly Smulders and Lieutenant Deware know they have to solve the riddle before anyone else is killed.

A fast-paced thriller from Scott McGregor

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