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Writer's Retreat
Tales of Writing and Madness

Writer's Retreat.jpeg

No one said being a writer was easy. In fact, there's so much more to fear than simply writer's block or misspelled words. Tales of impostor syndrome, misplaced manuscripts, false hopes, thievery and much more...

An amateur writer visited by the deceased spirits of his idols. A fanatic stalking his favorite author to dangerous heights. A comic enthusiast trapped in hell who must follow an unforgiving deadline schedule. A woman grappling with the dangerous specters of rejection. A scholar tracking down the secrets of a mystical poet. A lyricist making a deal with the devil to write new songs.

Malevolent typewriters, method writing, shadow spirits, half-dead darlings, envious fans, sinister reviewers, getaway writing competitions, and many other tales within this collection will teach readers all about the dark, twisted nature behind the creative process.

Stories by Scott McGregor, Amber Hathaway, Alex Tilley, Christian Huxley, Javin Blake, Christopher Powers, Delliom Ellidom, Shaun Avery, Kassidy VanGundy, John Peters, Mike Thorn, Christopher La Vigna, Tanya Delanor, Tucker Struyk, Jana Tzanokos, Aleco Julius, Bruce Buchanan, Dino Parenti, Rachel M. Shannon, Joshua Smith, Morgan Chalfant, B.W. Pope, Rodney Hatfield Jr., Everett Ambrose, Elaine Pascale, Matt Freeman, Patrick Barb, Harriet Everend.

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